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Modified 1996 Honda NSR 150 SP Repsol Pro-arm for Sale!

My Modified Honda NSR 150 SP Repsol Pro Arm Year 1996 (2539) Lowered Price: 38,000 Baht read why below.


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My great running NSR 150 SP Repsol, in better shape than most, with some nice high performance parts is for sale. The GREEN BOOK is current, and the insurance /tax / registration is good through June 20th of next year! That’s almost a whole year. There’s a lot of info below…please read all of it.

About the NSR: If you love 2 strokes, going fast, a 10 liter fuel tank for long drives, full farings, the NSR 150 SP is  the only worth-while bike in Thailand WITH parts cheaply and readily available from Honda dealers. Every part ordered – even from Chiang Mai – took less than a week to arrive. Even better, the NSR is FASTER, QUICKER, and CHEAPER than the new Thai CBR 150 and even the new Thai CBR 250, not by a little, but by a lot! as well as phantoms, super fours, even harleys. I should know, I’ve passed them all. All for a price less than most new scooters! Some people like non-thai performance bikes that have been imported into Thailand – RVF 400, VRF 400, CBR 125RR, CBR 250RR, all nearly impossible to get parts for(you cannot order from a Thai Honda dealer), and they’re expensive (the bikes, AND the parts) and have fake green books or no green book. Also do not confuse the SP model with the much older R and RR models which are slower mainly due to a cylinder with only a single transfer port, have smaller tires, uglier bodywork, don’t have the single sided swingarm. Generally they are in much worse shape and not taken care of.

In constrast, the NSR is a Thai bike,  and all the parts are cheap and easy to get. This bike was kept covered and out of the rain. I assume most people will already know about the NSR 150 SP, if not, it’s probably not a good choice for you.

The 2 stroke acceleration – especially with the special exhaust pipe – is such a rush, comparing to any similar size/displacement bike here in Thailand, you will find yourself redlining through all six gears, slowing back down to first or second gear, and repeating over and over again.  Just listen to video number two below. This bike goes quickly to 140Km/hr in 4th gear and easily reaches 160Km/hr in 6th – but I always have to slow down for traffic. 180Km/hr is likely.

Contact me:  puutlen @ gmail dot  com
I may lower the price a little, depending on circumstances but it will have to be close to the advertized price.
Contact:         puutlen @ gmail dot com

You can see special pipe, tires, clip-ons

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Almost 20,000 baht spent on work done/parts replaced. Included (extra) parts are included in the price for FREE.

  • Tyga Performance full exhaust (cost nearly 9,000 baht)
  • New Honda OEM piston, pin, rings, bearing (900+ baht)
  • New Michelin Pilot Sporty front 100/80-17 and rear 130/70-17 tires: special order, slightly larger, great grip and handling, tubeless, almost no wear (3,000 baht)
  • New chain and front/rear sprockets (800 baht)
  • Rear sprocket +2 teeth for better acceleration
  • New front and rear braided stainless steel brake lines (2,000 baht)
  • Coerce brand rearsets for gear shift and rear brake (1,300 baht)
  • Clip-on handlebars (1,100 baht)
  • Comes with New fuel filler locking cap and keys (not installed)(800 baht)
  • Heavy duty clutch springs are installed (400 baht)
  • Comes with New Honda clutch cable and New Honda clutch springs if a lighter clutch pull is desired (not installed) (460 baht)
  • Choice of white or black passenger seat
  • Front and rear are seats newly recovered (whether black or white)
  •  New passenger pegs
  • Comes with New front and rear brake pads (not installed) (2 sets – one front set, one rear set – in factory Honda wrapper) (400 baht)
  • Comes with Unopened 1 liter Shell Advance synthetic gearbox oil (300 baht)
  • Comes with Unopened can Shell Advance semi-synthetic 2T autolube (injector) oil (75 baht)
  • Comes with bike cover (used-fair condition)
  • Comes with 2 cable locks (700 baht)
  • Miscellaneous parts were replaced and work was done by previous owner.  You may have the receipts.
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Shell 2T injector oil advance vsx

Shell gearbox oil advance Ultra

Honda OEM rear brake pads

Honda OEM front brake pads

Honda OEM clutch springs

How to buy the bike:

Before I moved back home,  I put the bike in my friends name. He is Farang. His girlfriend is Thai. So there should be no language barriers. He’s owned an NSR before. I know more about the bike than him, much more. This is my fourth NSR. I can answer your questions  via email, or I can call you from America via SKYPE if you email me your number and what time to call you.

Where to buy the bike:

The bike is located in Mae Sai (Noi) about 20 minutes from Chiang Mai city. You can see the bike there. He can give you good directions to find his house. After we talk or email,  and you are okay with the price, I can give you his phone number and email.

About Test Drives:

You can look and start the bike. You can test drive it if you give the entire selling price to my friend. I won’t take a chance on an accident or theft. If you test drive it and don’t want it, he will give you back your money. He will ride along side you on his bike and show you a road where you can go fast.

Or he can demonstrate the bike: you can ride on the back or alongside him on your bike. Sorry, that’s the rules, based on some bad experiences.

Between my friend and I, we have bought and sold about 9 bikes and can advise/assist you (to some degree) if you need help putting it in your name. You could not ask for a more “legal” bike. Nothing funny about this one. Made in Thailand. Chiang Mai license plate.  Recently re-plated, re-registered, insured, new tax sticker, and even a new green book because I bought it in Bangkok, and when you change to a different Province they issue a new book.

Honestly, no used bike is perfect:

This bike has heavy duty clutch springs. If you don’t like the clutch action I will give you a set of new Honda stock clutch springs with the bike for an easier pull (yes I have them already). Any Honda dealer will install them for a few hundred baht. Don’t forget the new Honda clutch cable I am including.  The clutch itself is fine and does not slip at all.

There are some faring scrapes and scratches, I think one of the stickers doesn’t look perfect if you stand 1/2 meter away, but the tank is 100% beautiful.. The worst crack (will not affect anything) is on the right side upper cowling near the screw in the front. You can see it in the big pictures. Operation of the bike is not affected in any way. The fuel filler cap is not so beautiful – I will include a new one. You just need to remove and replace the small bolts.

YouTube videos: The videos are of  a DIFFERENT BIKE, another NSR of mine with a little more work done to it. But the NSR for sale is pretty close.

Contact email puutlen@gmail (dot) com


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